Subject: Re: install and update together
To: Georges Heinesch <>
From: Dr. Rene Hexel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/31/2001 07:57:41
Georges Heinesch wrote:

> Problem summary: How shall I install a package A (not yet installed),
> which depends on a package B (installed), if this package B requires
> an update?

  Solution 1: "make update" for package B, then "make install" for
package A (It's probably a good idea to "make clean CLEANDEPENDS=YES"

  Solution 2: with the default settings of DEPENDS_TARGET and
UPDATE_TARGET, you can simply "make update" package A, even if it's not
installed yet.  If package A requires a newer version of package B than
you currently have installed, then package B (and all packages depending
on package B) will be updated.

  Whenever you use "make update", please be careful that your pkgsrc is
really clean.  Nasty things are bound to happen if you try to run "make
update" on an unclean tree!  Also, if you installed packages are old,
please take into consideration that a seemingly harmless update of a
single package can actually end up in an update of a large number of
packages on your system.