Subject: PLIST database
To: None <>
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/28/2001 18:36:01

I've experimentally created a database of all of PLIST. What I did is

  - add 'show-plist' target into pkgsrc/mk/ My first
    version looks like:

	  @{                              \
	      ${CAT} ${PLIST_SRC};        \
	      ${PERL5_GENERATE_PLIST};    \
	  } |                             \
	  ${MANZ_NAWK_CMD}                \
	  ${IMAKE_MAN_CMD}                \
	  ${SED} ${MANZ_EXPRESSION}       \
	      ${PLIST_SUBST:S/=/}!/:S/$/!g/:S/^/ -e s!\\\${/} \
	  | ${GREP} -v '^@'   \
	  | ${SED} -e 's|^|${PKGNAME}\    |'

  - add 'show-plist' in 'for __target in ...' in
    pkgsrc/mk/ so that 'make show-plist' works

PLIST got by this is not perfect (I got some errors), but the output
is very interesting. I put this at

Random comments:

  - We should have "perfect" PLIST database. This includes not only
    installed files but also all of files of which may be potentially
    used by the system (e.g. base system, X, temporary files, config
    files, ...) in order to detect file conflictions.

  - For the above, some means to produce complete PLIST is needed.
    It's better PLIST database updated everyday.


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