Subject: Re: Some questions on KDE2
To: Ingolf Steinbach <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/23/2001 03:18:38
On Wed, 23 May 2001 10:25:40 +0200, Ingolf Steinbach wrote:

>  On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 07:57:35PM +0100, Nick Hudson wrote:
>  > I've not seen any of the problems you mention (some because I haven't
>  > used that part of KDE) except for the last one... The change is not in
>  > the current libtool cvs, but I intend to point it out to the libtool
>  > guys.
>  If there is interest, I'd polish up a patch for NetBSD's
>  libtool package (which would probably mean that the "nb"
>  number should be bumped up).

If you have time... Its also on my todo list.

>  > Have you tried to see if any of your problems are
>  > mentioned?
>  Yes and no. For the kmail problem, I did not find a problem
>  report which seems to describe exactly the problem I had...

There is a discussion about kmail on one of the KDE mailing lists, but I'm
not reading it as I don't use kmail.

>  >  With artsd, I'm not sure that it is a problem of KDE itself:
>  I can usually play sounds via /dev/audio, but artsd always
>  reports that it cannot find a suitable method (oss, etc.)
>  or something like that (I don't have access to the machine
>  at the moment). This is on NetBSD/i386, netbsd-1-5, with
>  audio0 at auvia0.

Hmm, this probably needs looking at...

>  I do not expect anyone having a look at my infrequent konqueror
>  crashes :-) But maybe the drkonqi problem is related? What does
>  the drkonqi process for exactly?

As I understand it drkonqi captures and sends crash dumps/backtraces to the
KDE people.

I've yet to check this is working...


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