Subject: Re: two questions: upgrading meta packages, pkg database
To: Rainer J.H. Brandt <>
From: Dr. Rene Hexel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/20/2001 19:15:32
"Rainer J.H. Brandt" wrote:

> Just for clarification:
> I did use and talk about precompiled binary packages.
> So, essentially you suggest:
> 1. Analyze your system: find all packages that depend on any of the packages
>    installed via 'pkg_add gnome'.  That can be quite a lot - although the actual
>    set can be hard to find:  For the precompiled gnome- for i386,
>    pkg_info tells me that 125 packages are required, among them for example:
>    Four times libxml, python, perl, ghostscript, Mesa, four times glib,
>    six times gnome-libs.  Figure out which ones were really installed when
>    gnome was installed, then try to figure out whether a new version of gnome
>    depends on newer versions of Perl or Python, for instance (I doubt it, but
>    you never know...)  Then find the packages that depend on this set of
>    packages, and remove them if you are afraid that they will not work with the
>    new gnome.
> 2. Recursively repeat these steps for all packages that you deleted.
> 3. Install new packages.

  Basically, yes, but you don't have to do that by hand.  If you have an
up-to-date pkgsrc tree, you can use the 'make update' target to update
your installation, even from pre-compiled binary packages.  To do that,
set 'UPDATE_TARGET=bin-install' in /etc/mk.conf, then do a 'make update'
on the package you want to update (e.g., gnome).  For more information,
see the descriptions of the 'bin-install' and the 'update' targets in
the package documentation.