Subject: Re: update pkgsrc package
To: None <>
From: Georges Heinesch <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/20/2001 10:11:53
Quoting David Brownlee (18-May-01 10:54:26):

> On 18 May 2001, Georges Heinesch wrote:

>> Thanks very much for your explanantions.
>> 1. Is there no tool which lists all dependencies of a package in
>> order
>>    to get a clue how to optimize the order the update should
>>    happen?
>   You can run 'pkg_info -R <pkg>' - lintpkgsrc should probably
>   be upated to involve that.


>> 2. I never made "make clean" or "make clean CLEANDEPENDS=YES"
>>    Should I always make one of these after a build?
>   I always set WRKOBJDIR to /var/obj/pkg, then just rm -rf
>   that as needed. I think we should have a better way to handle
>   that. Hmm - I thikn thats worth a new thread :)

Until this is being changed, should I make a "make clean" or "make
clean CLEANDEPENDS=YES" (?) after a package is installed with "make

>> 3. When updating a new package, I guess the right thing would be to
>> cd
>>    to the relevant directory and to say:
>>        "make clean" (or "make clean CLEANDEPENDS=YES" ?)
>>        "make fetch-list | sh"
>>        "make update"
>>    Is that correct?

>   That would be a good procedure.

Is "make clean" or "make clean CLEANDEPENDS=YES" preferential?

The Packages.txt says something about the target "clean-update". This
should only be used before the first time a "make update" is done.
What's that now about .... ?!?!

Let's take the example of my initial Eterm 0.8.9 installation (see
initial postings). I would like to update it. I initially installed it

# cd /usr/pkgsrc/x11/eterm
# make fetch-list | sh
# make install

After all I read so far in this thread, can you confirm that I should
now say ....

# make clean (CLEANDEPENDS=YES ?)
# make fetch-list | sh
# make install

Is that the right way?


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