Subject: Re: update pkgsrc package
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/18/2001 08:31:14
On Fri, 18 May 2001, David Brownlee wrote:

> On 18 May 2001, Georges Heinesch wrote:
> > Thanks very much for your explanantions.
> >
> > 1. Is there no tool which lists all dependencies of a package in order
> >    to get a clue how to optimize the order the update should happen?
> >
> 	You can run 'pkg_info -R <pkg>' - lintpkgsrc should probably
> 	be upated to involve that.

What I usually do: figure out where the "bottom" is, use `pkg_info -q
-R _package_ > /var/tmp/_package_-LIST' to note the packages that'll
be erased with "pkg_delete -r _package_", do that, then "make package"
for the packages at the "top", in the list.

> > 2. I never made "make clean" or "make clean CLEANDEPENDS=YES"
> >    Should I always make one of these after a build?
> >
> 	I always set WRKOBJDIR to /var/obj/pkg, then just rm -rf
> 	that as needed. I think we should have a better way to handle
> 	that. Hmm - I thikn thats worth a new thread :)

"make clean-depends" works, too. I keep my WRKOBJDIR pretty clean, and
every now and then I do "ls -ld /t/pkgobj/*/*" to see if I missed any.