Subject: Re: update pkgsrc package
To: None <>
From: Georges Heinesch <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/18/2001 00:33:49
Thanks very much for your explanantions.

1. Is there no tool which lists all dependencies of a package in order
   to get a clue how to optimize the order the update should happen?

2. I never made "make clean" or "make clean CLEANDEPENDS=YES"
   Should I always make one of these after a build?

3. When updating a new package, I guess the right thing would be to cd
   to the relevant directory and to say:

       "make clean" (or "make clean CLEANDEPENDS=YES" ?)
       "make fetch-list | sh"
       "make update"

   Is that correct?




Quoting David Brownlee (16-May-01 18:35:29):

>   Ensure you do not have any previous built packages around in the
>   pkgsrc source tree, then run 'make ; make update' in the appropriate
>   directories for each package.

>   'make update' rebuilds all the dependencies, this has a number of
>   issues:

>       a) It can take a very long time...

>       b) While its updating a package any package which depends on
>          that package will have been removed from the system. Be
>          very wary about updating a library on which your window
>          manager or similar depends.

>       c) If the update breaks, it can leave you without the
>          aforementioned packages.

>       d) If you pick a suboptimal order you can end up rebuilding
>          much of your system several times. Pick the package on
>          which most other packages depend first.

>       e) Sometimes there is no optimal order - eg, half your system
>          depends on pkg 'a' and pkg 'b', but they do not depend on
>          each other. So you end up rebuilding everything twice. Of
>          course if they both depend on pkg 'c' which is up to date
>          you can run 'make update' on pkg 'c' which would be quicker..

>   So.. I'd update libtool-base, then glib, then run lintpkgsrc -i
>   again :)
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>       David/absolute      -- No hype required --

> On 16 May 2001, Georges Heinesch wrote:

>> Hi
>> This moring, I made a 'sup -s'.
>> 'lintpkgsrc -i' showd me the following:
>> ----- cut here -----
>> Bogus: p5-${DISTNAME:S/./-/1} (from
>> /usr/pkgsrc/textproc/p5-XML-Parser/Makefile) Version mismatch:
>> 'eterm' 0.8.9 vs 0.8.10 Version mismatch: 'glib' 1.2.9 vs 1.2.10
>> Version mismatch: 'gtk+' 1.2.9 vs 1.2.10 Version mismatch:
>> 'libtool' 1.4.20010219nb5 vs 1.4.20010219nb6 Version mismatch:
>> 'libtool-base' 1.4.20010219nb5 vs 1.4.20010219nb6 Version mismatch:
>> 'libtool-info' 1.4.20010219nb5 vs 1.4.20010219nb6 Version mismatch:
>> 'perl-mk' 1.0 vs 1.1 Version mismatch: 'pkglint' 2.44 vs 2.51
>> ----- cut here -----
>> What is the best course of action now to get those packages up to
>> date?