Subject: Re: packaging a ripper front end, questions
To: David Brownlee , Alistair Crooks <>
From: Tracy J. Di Marco White <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/16/2001 08:48:47
I'm condensing several replies into one.

David Brownlee wrote:
}On Tue, 15 May 2001, Tracy Di Marco White wrote:
}> I've been playing with for a while, and have been looking at
}> packaging it up.  It's got a few too many options, it allows you to
}> use cdparanoia, cdd, tosha, cdda2wav to rip CDs, I'm going to depend
}> on cdparanoia.  It uses bladeenc, lame or gogo to encode from ripped
}> files to mp3s, I'm going to depend on lame.  I don't know if this
}	You might want to have RIPIT_USE_XXXX conditional options in the
}	Makefile.

I was not sure about doing that, since I thought it implied adding things
to mk.conf, and I thought that was something to avoid?

}> should be i386 only, I guess I'll assume if none of the depends are
}> i386 only, this shouldn't be, which means I'll need to set the default
}> ripping device to /dev/rcd0d on i386 and /dev/rcd0c on other platforms?
}	You can set it based on the output of `sysctl -n kern.rawpartition`

Ah, cool.

}> The question I'm not sure how to choose is where it will put mp3's and
}> where it rips them to.  It rips the CD, then encodes it in one
}> directory, based off of another directory.  I'm not sure what to use,
}> /usr/pkg/share/mp3 doesn't seem right, as mp3s are not text files.
}> What kind of default should it have?
}	/usr/pkg/share contains data files that are CPU/arch independent,
}	I think mp3s probably qualify :)
}	Can it read config from /usr/pkg/etc/ripit.conf and ~/.ripit.conf?
}	(or be extended to do so :)

I'm 'extending' several bits of it, I could probably do that.  One of the
things to consider is that while mp3 are small (1MB - 24MB for mine),
the ripped files are also going into this directory, and tend to be 10x
the size of the final mp3.  When I first started using ripit, it was
putting them in /tmp, which filled up very quickly.  A user can end up
with an entire ripped CD in this directory, around 640MB or so.  Fair
warning may be considered sufficent, of course.

Gavan Fantom wrote:
}Maybe ~/mp3 (although I can see a lot of people running as root,
}and /root normally lives on the root partition so this might not be so
}good), just "mp3/" (relative to the cwd - works for me with this script),
}"/usr/mp3" (It's where I personally tend to store mp3s, but probably not a
}good thing to set as a default) or "/var/mp3" or "/var/spool/mp3"

I believe access to /dev/rcd0d normally requires root?  Granted, that
can be worked around.

Alistair Crooks wrote:
}What I don't understand about this whole question is:

}why does the ripping/encoding script need to be told where to put
}the resulting mp3s? Surely it should be the cwd?

The resulting mp3 directory is also the working directory.  If your
machine is slow enough that it can't finish encoding the first mp3
before your ripper is finished ripping the CD, you'll end up with
an entire CD in the directory plus the conversion files.

}Personally, I'd make it "." - but what do I know?

I can do that.  All mine go in /usr/music, but as Gavan wrote, probably
not a good thing to set as a default.

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Project Vincent Systems Manager