Subject: Re: packaging a ripper front end, questions
To: Tracy Di Marco White <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/16/2001 09:37:24
On Tue, 15 May 2001, Tracy Di Marco White wrote:

> I've been playing with for a while, and have been looking at
> packaging it up.  It's got a few too many options, it allows you to
> use cdparanoia, cdd, tosha, cdda2wav to rip CDs, I'm going to depend
> on cdparanoia.  It uses bladeenc, lame or gogo to encode from ripped
> files to mp3s, I'm going to depend on lame.  I don't know if this

	You might want to have RIPIT_USE_XXXX conditional options in the

> should be i386 only, I guess I'll assume if none of the depends are
> i386 only, this shouldn't be, which means I'll need to set the default
> ripping device to /dev/rcd0d on i386 and /dev/rcd0c on other platforms?
	You can set it based on the output of `sysctl -n kern.rawpartition`

> It uses xmcd's cda to get information from cddb/freedb, and I don't see
> that we have something simpler to get this information, so it will also
> depend on that.  If there are simpler ways to get information from
> cddb/freedb (and get the CD id), I'd like to know.
> The question I'm not sure how to choose is where it will put mp3's and
> where it rips them to.  It rips the CD, then encodes it in one
> directory, based off of another directory.  I'm not sure what to use,
> /usr/pkg/share/mp3 doesn't seem right, as mp3s are not text files.
> What kind of default should it have?
	/usr/pkg/share contains data files that are CPU/arch independent,
	I think mp3s probably qualify :)

	Can it read config from /usr/pkg/etc/ripit.conf and ~/.ripit.conf?
	(or be extended to do so :)

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