Subject: Re: make readme (pkgsrc)
To: None <,>
From: Georges Heinesch <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/12/2001 00:20:17
Quoting Frederick Bruckman (10-May-01 20:03:06):

> [I'm cc'ing this to tech-pkg, a more appropriate forum. Please
> follow-up to tech-pkg.]

Didn't know there was one. Thanks for the info.

> On 10 May 2001, Georges Heinesch wrote:

>> Is it "normal" that "make readme" inside /usr/pkgsrc takes days (!)
>> with a m68 (68060) 50 MHz? I let it run now for than 2 days and
>> interrupted it at /usr/pkgsrc/games.

> Yes. It's really awful.

Unacceptable for an 68060/50 MHz.

>> What's so difficult in making README.html files?

> If you look in, you'll see that the README.html target,
> among other things, invokes the "build-depends-list" and
> "run-depends-list" targets, each of which, in turn, is liable to
> spawn dozens of "make" processes as it recurses down through the
> tree.


> Consider the case of "gnome-libs", which depends on four other
> packages, each of which depends on other packages, and which
> fulfills dependencies for many other packages (some indirectly).
> Everytime a target makes it way down to "gnome-libs", it has to walk
> to the roots of the "gnome-libs" graph, _again_. With "make", that
> means forking another process at each turn, which adds up.

If for instance package A forks down to X, Y and Z and package B forks
down to X and Q, is the readme in X build twice (first by A, then by B

If yes, can't this behaviour be disabled?

In other words ... are readmes, which do exist already, created twice
if the packages structure (forking down) requires so?

>> How can I make this faster?

> Rewrite the whole thing in "awk"?

I am going to look in more detail into that.

Thanks so far for your explanantions.

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