Subject: Solaris zoularis package
To: None <>
From: Michael Santos <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/01/2001 14:58:07
I've put together a quick zoularis package in Solaris pkg format,
based on zoularis 20010323.

It's only been tested on an UltraAX-e and Ultra-250 both running
Solaris 8 MU 4.

The package can be downloaded from:

To install:

 gunzip NBSDpkg.1.0.SPARC.pkg.gz
 pkgadd -d NBSDpkg.1.0.SPARC.pkg
# XXX pkgtools sometime look in /usr/local/bsd
 ln -s /usr/bsd /usr/local/bsd 
You need to have these packages installed:
gcc (either Sun's SFWgcc or's SMCgcc and whatever
other pkgs needed to get gcc running)
SMCdiffu (GNU diffutils, needed for deinstalling pkgs)
(GNU diff will need to be ahead of /usr/bin/diff in your path)

SUNWgpch (if you use SMCgcc)

And a recent copy of pkgsrc, of course.

To install packages:

export PATH="/usr/bsd/bin:$PATH"
cd </path/to/pkgsrc/your_pkg>
bmake install

Michael Santos