Subject: Re: listing change of installed packages
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/25/2001 15:15:49
On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Hubert Feyrer wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> > Thanks! I didn't know about "pkg_admin check"; I ran it and received 311
> > lines of "fails MD5 checksum" and several "is in +CONTENTS but not
> > on filesystem!" errors. From looking closer, it appears that my
> > /var/db/pkg/ has a bunch of duplicate packages (different versions).
> Ewww, that shouldn't happen. Did you use pkg_add -f/make FORCEINSTALL (or
> whatever that's called)? Don't do that!

I think I did.

What is the best way to remove an old package (when a newer one is
already installed)?

Should I just delete the old duplicate package directories from

Or can I uninstall the old duplicate package and reinstall the current
(also already installed) package?

Any ideas?

I think it is just a few packages that conflict:
 gettext-lib-0.10.35nb1 and gettext-0.10.35nb1
 png-1.0.8 and png-1.0.9nb1
 suse_base-6.3 and suse_base-6.4

Or have problems (failed checksums or in +CONTENTS but not on system):

(The only other problem was my lynx.cfg which I knowingly changed myself.)

   Jeremy C. Reed