Subject: Re: Perl packlist
To: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/16/2001 17:59:57 (Emmanuel Dreyfus) writes:
> And the fix is not really easy. There are three standard location
> handled by the package system for perl modules:
> PERL5_SITEARCH -> /usr/pkg/lib/perl5/site_perl/powerpc-netbsd
> PERL5_ARCHLIB  -> /usr/pkg/lib/perl5/powerpc-netbsd/5.00404
> PERL5_SITELIB  -> /usr/pkg/lib/perl5/site_perl


> Hence two questions: 
> 1) I currently have Perl-5.6.0. I didn' expect PERL5_ARCHLIB to point to
> the 5.00404 directory. Is it the normal behavior? dynamically computes these values using the currently
installed perl5 binary.  Your results imply that you have a
perl-5.00404 binary in your path that is being detected at

> 2) How do I tell the package system to go in
> site_perl/5.6.0/powerpc-netbsd ?

This should be the value of ${PERL5_SITEARCH} if perl-5.6.0 is
installed.  Please just double check your pkgsrc installation of perl
and make sure everything is okay first.


     -- Johnny C. Lam <>
        Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University