Subject: SkipStone
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/05/2001 16:34:26
Has anyone played with SkipStone (
It's a Gtk+ browser that uses the Mozilla rendering engine and is
supposed to be "light weight", if a bit bare-bonesish.  It _seems_
snappier than Mozilla on my 700MHz PIII laptop, but that's purely

Anyways, it seems like it'll be painful to package.  To build it, it
needs 145 includes from Mozilla's ${WRKSRC}/dist/include and to run it
(as well as build it) it needs (at least - it might dynamically load
more than this):

	12 libs from       ${PREFIX}/lib/mozilla
	34 libs from       ${PREFIX}/lib/mozilla/components
	5  misc files from ${PREFIX}/lib/mozilla/components
	8  misc files from ${PREFIX}/lib/mozilla/chrome
	8  misc files from ${PREFIX}/lib/mozilla/defaults
	13 misc files from ${PREFIX}/lib/mozilla/res

Ideally, it's be nice to not depend on having _all_ of Mozilla installed
to use it, but I think the bigger problem is building it.  Do we really
want to have the Mozilla package install 1.5MB of header files?  Using
a separate package just for the headers seems extreme - on my laptop
it takes 15 minutes just to extract Mozilla, and I haven't checked out
how much of the build process is required to generate the files in
dist/include.  This would also be a BUILD_DEPENDS too.  Another package
for the libraries that are shared between Mozilla and SkipStone?  Where
does it all stop?

There's another Mozilla-based browser called Galleon (or similar) that
also compilicates things - I haven't looked at that one (it's a Gnone
thing I believe) or its requirements.

Simon Burge                            <>
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