Subject: Re: Errors in packages.
To: Burgess,David B. <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/02/2001 23:10:47

I'll comment on some of those:

Mutt made me believe that Burgess,David B. wrote:
> -  imap-uw has a couple of serious errors:
> 	-- The package builds a .la archive, but tries to install it as a .a .	 The
> PLIST may or may not be  right, I can't remember.
> 	-- There is no COMMENTS file.

There's not supposed to be any COMMENTs file. I changed every package
some time ago to have the COMMENT in the Makefile. Please update and pkglint.

> 	--  The php4 package fails since it relies on zlib, which (theoretically)
> is Sun only.  I tried it anyway, and the only problem I could see was that
> it doesn't install a .a or .la file.  Why is zlib marked as Sun only if it
> actually mostly works in i386?  There are also a couple of ${LOCALBASE}
> directories missing from the .common file.

The php4 package only should depend on zlib on Sun, because NetBSD has
zlib in base, and for some time now (definitively in 1.5).
The only mention of zlib I could find related to that package is
.if ${OPSYS} == "SunOS"
DEPENDS+=               zlib-*:../../devel/zlib
in php4/Makefile.common.

> 	--  It also has to have openssl 0.9.6, which is not installed in 1.5 (but

1.5 has openssl, and I think it even has the same version that is
right now in pkgsrc, which isn't 0.9.6 yet. There was a short time
(2/27 to 3/1) when the package believed to be already at 0.9.6, but
this was an error, and corrected.
Why do you think it depends on 0.9.6?

> 1)  To whom should I send the package fixes?  Is send-pr the only right
> vehicle for these?

Yes, it is. Please group problem reports by package.


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