Subject: Re: muhah
To: Trevor Johnson <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/21/2001 18:29:30
>>  * links to openssl called md2, md4, d5, etc are not installed by
>>    default.
>Wouldn't a few shell aliases--"alias md2 'openssl dgst -md2'"  and so
>on--work just as well?

yes, but then you need a different set for all shells.  not difficult,
but not trivial.

>>  * i believe it ought to be part of the base system, after all...
>OpenSSL was added to cryptosrc in June of 1999.

yes, but it's not part of basesrc.  a subtle distinction, to be sure,
but a distinction nonetheless.

>I suppose having the digest utility and the extended cksum is nice for
>people who are prohibited from using the cryptosrc stuff, or (such as you)
>who need to run a version of NetBSD from before 1999.  It just seemed a
>bit redundant until I understood your reasoning. Cheers.

i wasn't thinking of prohibitions on anything as being a deciding
factor.  it just made sense to me for it to be there.  i'm glad we're
in violent agreement.  :)

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