Subject: Re: digest
To: Alistair Crooks <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/21/2001 10:07:57
On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Alistair Crooks wrote:

: So, let's assume for a moment that we ditch digest, and move to a
: modified cksum(1) utility.

I'd like to reiterate my suggestion to make this particular bit of
functionality part of pkg_admin(1), not cksum(1), which makes points 1, 2,
and 5 here complete non-issues:

: 1.  we need to make a package for cksum(1).

: 2.  it needs to grow a version flag, since we want to know whether we
: have a cksum binary which supports the sha1 algorithm, at a minimum.

: 5.  On other OSes, such as Solaris, Linux etc, you'll need to make
: sure whether you can use the existing cksum binary, or install your
: own under ${LOCALBASE}.

And to address other specific points:

: We do need to know the version, since I believe the sha1 code in libc
: until very recently was buggy on Alphas.  Oh, and the ident strings
: don't show the version of code in that's dynamically linked in?
: Bummer.  How do we know whether we have the correct sha1 code on Alphas?

Deliberately add the sha1 code to pkg_admin, as libc probably won't have the
code on other OS's, either.  Hacking zoularis to add the code is a rather
hokey (and IMHO not acceptable) workaround....

: 3.  This package that we create for cksum - it can't have any patches,
: can it, since how would we check (a) the distfile, and (b) the patches
: if we don't have an existing message digest calculation method.  Use
: the existing md5 sums that we have?  Yes, but that means that cksum
: has different handling in its checksum and patch-sum targets from
: every other package on the system.  So we don't use checksums at all
: for the cksum package?  Not too happy about this one, since we'd have
: to fetch a distfile without using a checksum to make sure that
: no-one's tampered with it. How about bundling the source with pkgsrc?
: Yes, good idea, that would work, let's go with that.

The source doesn't need to be bundled with pkgsrc.  Add detection in
pkg_install for a needed pkg_admin(1) binary that can checksum it, possibly
falling back to md5(1).  If no such program exists, print a warning to the
screen about pkg_install not being verified by checksum.  Problem solved.

: 4.  We really need a statically-linked utility, if ever we're going to
: install a system using packages of any kind.

This is irrelevant to pkgsrc.  System install utilities belong in basesrc,
and are linked to the install media using crunchgen.

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