Subject: i18n package for kde2?
To: None <>
From: Ingolf Steinbach <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/18/2001 23:12:46

what would be a good scheme to create internationalization
packages for KDE2? Three possibilities come to my mind:

1) One pkg which installs *all* i18n packages. This is IMO
   not suitable as one usually will want to use one or
   maybe two additional languages.

2) One pkg for each language. This would lead to many new
   directories in pkgsrc. Not suitable.

3) Some mechanism to use only one pkgsrc directory for the
   i18n stuff which can generate different packages by using
   an environment or mk.conf variable, e.g.
   Directory: pkgsrc/misc/kdei18n
   Can generate kdei18n-de-2.0, kdei18n-fr-2.0 etc.

At the moment, I'd like 3), but I on't know if this is
possible by using pkgsrc/mk/* at the moment (without too
much tricks). Maybe there are much better solutions?


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