Subject: Re: multiarch package to test
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Emmanuel Dreyfus <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/15/2001 00:28:16
> If that doesn't give any good hints, try (after a 'make clean') 'make
> extract ; make plist PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=2'. Feel free to post the full output
> of this here. 

That's not reader friendly. Do you see anything wrong here? (I included
only what is revelent to /usr/pkgsrc/cad/blender/work/.PLIST generation)

manu@trotsky</usr/pkgsrc/cad/blender>make plist PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=2
set -x;                                  ( /bin/cat
true ) |
/usr/bin/sed   -e
-e s!\${OPSYS}!NetBSD!g  -e s!\${OS_VERSION}!1.5R!g  -e
s!\${MACHINE_ARCH}!powerpc!g  -e s!\${MACHINE_GNU_ARCH}!powerpc!g  -e
s!\${MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM}!powerpc--netbsd!g  -e s!\${LOWER_VENDOR}!!g
-e s!\${LOWER_OPSYS}!netbsd!g  -e s!\${PKGNAME}!blender-2.11.nb1!g  -e
s!\${SVR4_PKGNAME}!blender-2.11.nb1!g     >

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