Subject: Re: another word on 'digest'
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/12/2001 14:07:11
>> > Have we quietly dropped support for NetBSD-1.4.3???
>> I have no idea.
>> Do we any documentation about our policy (e.g. for pkgsrc)? If we
>> don't declare explicitly that the pkgsrc system is supporting the
>> 'netbsd-1-4' branchs on any documentation, the above situation may not
>> be erroneous.
>The question was rhetorical. The consensus has always been that we
>_do_ _indeed_ continue to support all older systems, and certainly the
>last year's release. At some definite point in the future, we may want
>to give up on the older systems, for some good reason. Having :D
>available to "make" isn't it. The :D in the "Makefile" is a mistake.

	I also have experienced the problem (pkgsrc/pkgtools/digest
	installation warns with unknown substitute char ":D") on an 1.4.3
	system.  could we just replace :D with something else?