Subject: SuSE KDE21 Anyone?
To: None <>
From: Jerry A! <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/09/2001 10:14:32
So, I've been jonesing for KDE 2.1 on my NetBSD box for a while now.
What can I say, Konqueror is my favorite browser and I'm kinda irked
that I can't get it working under my favorite machine.

I had the bright idea of trying to get KDE 2.1 working under Linux
emulation.  Hey, if this works, I'll even be able to use Macromedia's
flash plugin.  8)

So, I put together some quickie packages for qt2 and kde21 and installed
those (just the basics: kdelibs/kdebase/kdesupport).  Checked the
binaries against Linux's ldd to make sure I wasn't missing and
libraries.  That all checked out.

I then proceed to run "kdeinit" and get the following error:

    Aborting. bind() failed: : No such file or directory

It appears as thought DCOP can't bind a socket.  Is there anything
special I need to do?  Is this even possible?

Any and all help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance...


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