Subject: cups image problems
To: None <>
From: Sanesh Bodasing <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/01/2001 15:18:31
Hi guys,

After failing to get cups properly configured on NetBsd 1.4.1, unsing an HP
DeskJet 890C printer,  I tried on 1.5.
There are some problem with my installation though:
I can print JPEG files fine, but not BMP. When printing from the comand
line, no error messages are returned, and nothing happens. On the cups WEB
interface, the job of logged as "cancelled"or "aborted" or "processing" .
And when printing from the WEB interface i get an error message "ERROR: the
requested method is not allowed with the resource".

This suggests that CUPS is not recognising the BMP forrnat for the PPD file.
Stangely, even GIMP sometimes does not recognise some BMP and PS files... I
am sure that all the dependancies for CUPS and GIMP are properly installed.

The response from cups-support to my problem was to upgrade to cups-1.1.6
(But I prefer waiting for the pkgsrc update) and that NetBSD1.5 is not
supported (yet) by them.

If *anybody* can help me, PLEASE do! :)

South Africa