Subject: New libtool
To: None <,>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/27/2001 08:18:22
I have just updated the pkgsrc libtool to one based on a snapshot of the
multi-language branch of cvs libtool. The main motivation for this is an
impending import of the KDE2 packages.

The update *should* be fairly transparent to everyone except for a few

	o  if a package uses libtool with a non-recognised compiler then
	   --tag=CC or --tag=CXX option will have to be used. By default
	   libtool should recognise cc and c++ - it doesn't recognise gcc
	   and g++.

	o  the handling of dependent libraries has changed so that
	   -Wl,-R options are inherited. This typically means that you
	   will need to specify less of these options when linking against
	   libtool created libraries.

	o  Older packages may include -lgcc -lc -lgcc in the .la files of
	   libraries. This will cause libtool to fail and they should either
	   be removed or the package rebuilt. The later option being the

Some changes have been made to Packages.txt for other issues.

Hopefully I've brought in all the required changes that the old libtool
had. A couple of issues are handled in a different way. If anyone sees
any problems related to the following please let me know asap:

	o  c++rt0.o is linked in only when the CXX tag is used.
	o  -avoid-version is handled slightly differently on a.out platforms.
	o  the ordering of -Wl options has not been changed from default

The changes have been tested with GNOME on i386/a.out and KDE2 on