Subject: linux emu base file missing from ftp site?
To: None <>
From: Paul \(NCC/CS\) <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/27/2001 18:52:39
on there is:

  suse_audio-6.4.tgz             279 Kb    Mon Dec 25 08:00:00 2000
  suse_base-6.4nb2.tgz        10950 Kb    Wed Feb 21 05:37:00 2001
  suse_compat-6.3.tgz         1276 Kb    Wed Oct 11 09:01:00 2000

For linux emulation, following the netbsd guide it says to
install suse_base, suse_x11 etc.

However when when I get up to suse-x11 it complains that
I haven't installed "suse_base-6.4.tgz" . This is because I
installed suse_base-6.4nb2.tgz. This is because the nb2 one
was the only one available on the ftp site.

Where is "suse_base-6.4.tgz?"
Do I have to have it in preference to suse_base-6.4nb2.tgz
to get linux emulation to work, or am I doing something
else wrong?
What is suse_base-6.4nb2.tgz anyway please, pardon my

PS I've got to get star office working because I'm at work
and If I can't get it working "they" will make me use

PPS I'm not on tech-pkg these days so please cc the message
to me, ta.




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National Climate Centre
Australian Bureau Of Meteorology