Subject: Re: ${INSTALL}
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/24/2001 03:34:41
On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Todd Vierling wrote:
> Note that "implementation defined" is a bit of a misrepresentation for
> pkgsrc; we have certain expectations of system tools on any OS using pkgsrc,
> and expecting the "BSD-like install program" to override options in this
> manner should be perfectly acceptable.

I think expecting

	install -g foo -g bar 

to override the first -g with the second one is a violation of POSIX, and
that we should solve this in a clearer way than hope that the ${INSTALL}
program behaves the way we want it. I'd sure like to see a solution that's
clear what's actually gong on.

 - Hubert

Hubert Feyrer <>