Subject: Re: Recursive package dependency registration...
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/22/2001 14:28:09
Mutt made me believe that Andrew Brown wrote:
> i tried make update today in pkgsrc/lang/perl5 and lost heavily.  perl
> now seems to depend on perl-mk-1.0 which is for some reason
> interpreted as a binary requirement.  since there's no binary called
> perl-mk-1.0, the update was lost (i had to kill it since it looped
> trying to install autoconf or automake, i forget which) and had to
> copy /usr/bin/true to /usr/pkg/bin/perl-mk-1.0 to get around it.  what
> i copied and where i copied it from/to is probably irrelevant, but the
> perl-mk pkg seems to be rather bogus.

That was my fault, sorry. I fixed the BUILD_DEPENDS line in
sometime yesterday, it should work now.

The reason for not just adding the file to perl was that this way you
can still use it with an older perl version installed.


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