Subject: Re: Recursive package dependency registration...
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/21/2001 20:43:31
>...has got to go.  Currently, perl-dependent packages are depending on perl,
>perl-base, p5-CGI, p5-Data-Dumper, etc.  So how will they cope when perl
>gets updated and these packages are part of perl-base again?
>Registering only direct dependencies should be adequate -- that allows a pkg
>maintainer to specify succinctly the things upon which the package could
>function properly if dependencies were changed.
>And no, I don't care one bit that it `helps downloading' -- the benefit is
>far less than the detrimental effect.

if there was a way of indicating that some (all?) pkgs depended on
simply having the perl binary installed, that would be a big win.
then i'd feel a whole lot better about nuking the perl installation
and installing a new one.

i tried make update today in pkgsrc/lang/perl5 and lost heavily.  perl
now seems to depend on perl-mk-1.0 which is for some reason
interpreted as a binary requirement.  since there's no binary called
perl-mk-1.0, the update was lost (i had to kill it since it looped
trying to install autoconf or automake, i forget which) and had to
copy /usr/bin/true to /usr/pkg/bin/perl-mk-1.0 to get around it.  what
i copied and where i copied it from/to is probably irrelevant, but the
perl-mk pkg seems to be rather bogus.

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