Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in January 2001
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/21/2001 10:02:47
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in January 2001

By my calculations, there were 1802 packages in the packages collection
as of January 31st, 2001.

The only major change to the packages collection itself is the
modification to the shared object handling in to be based
around ELF packing lists.

Notable packages added include:  aterm, some cross-compi.lation
packages, httptunnel, imap-uw-utils, linuxppc, manedit, ncftp3,
netsaint and plugins, pakemon, pforth, rlab, rpm2pkg, rtfm, scanssh,
squirrelmail, tcpdump, tcp_wrappers, wmmixer, xalan-c, and xerces-c,.

Notable updates to packages in the collection include:  adzap, amanda,
amaya, analog, ap-php4, aperture, bind4, bin8, bind9, bind9-current,
bladeenc, cdd, cups, cweb, cyrus-sasl, delegate, ethereal, fltk,
gensolpkg, gif2png, gnapster, gnucash, gnupg, gqmpeg, grace,
ImageMagick, kakasi, libnasl and nessus, libpcap, links, lyx, mhonarc,
micq, mozilla, namazu, nawk, opera, various perl5 packages, pchar,
pdflib, php4 and related packages, pkgdiff, pkglint, plex86, plplot,
postfix-current, qt2 and related packages, rp-pppoe, rpm2pkg,
sendmail, setiathome, skill, smalltalk, smtpfeed, stunnel, suse_base,
url2pkg, uvscan-dat, vm, vtun, wget, xbattbar, xfce, xpkgwedge, xpp
and zebra.

And we bid a fond farewell to our framemaker package, whose licence
time had run out.

The Package of the Month award goes to: cups, nominated by Bill Squier.
"Cups is a nice fire-and-forget printing system.  I did a make
install, loaded cupsd and have instant access to all the printers in
the office with file-format conversions automatically. It supports
things like the System V lp(1) options, and you can even set default
options for each printer (personal) plus you can monitor queues
through a web page, etc."

Finally, an entreaty to remember pkgsrc/security/audit-packages, which
may make things easier for you when trying to work out whether you're
vulnerable to a particular security exploit.

Alistair G. Crooks
Mon Feb 19 07:15:44 GMT 2001

Changes to the Packages Collection Infrastructure
	Misc: I've updated the pkgsrc growth graphs at
		[hubertf 2001-01-03]

	Moved quicklist from misc to databases [wiz 2001-01-03] modify the shared object handling to be based around
		ELF shared objects, and modify most PLISTs which contain
		shared object names accordingly. [agc 2001-01-04]

Packages Added to the NetBSD Packages Collection

	Added aterm-0.4.0 [hubertf 2001-01-14]
Package URL:
Comment: aterm (Afterstep XVT) - a VT102 emulator for the X window system

	Added colortail-0.3.0 [hubertf 2001-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: colour-able replacement for tail(1)

	Added cross-m68k-netbsdelf- [tsutsui 2001-01-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Cross-compile environment for ELF NetBSD/m68k

	Added cross-sh-netbsdcoff- [itojun 2001-01-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Cross-compile environment for big-endian NetBSD/{mmeye,evbsh3}

	Added cross-shel-netbsdcoff- [itojun 2001-01-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Cross-compile environment for little-endian NetBSD/{evbsh3,dreamcast}

	Added dcdflib.c-1.1 [jtb 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Library of C Routines for Cumulative Distribution Functions

	Added dog-1.5 [hubertf 2001-01-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Dog writes the contents of each given file, URL, or stdin

	Added etach-1.1.6 [jtb 2001-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Emacs Lisp package for dealing with MIME email attachments

	Added gone-1.3.1 [hubertf 2001-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Terminal locking utility with many improvements over lock(1)

	Added hitchhiker-0.6 [wiz 2001-01-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Astronomical simulation and visualization program

	Added httptunnel-3.0.5 [manu 2001-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Encapsulate TCP/IP connections in HTTP requests

	Added iGMT-1.2 [jtb 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets

	Added imap-uw-utils-20001220 [jlam 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: UW IMAP mailbox utilities

	Added ipadic-2.4.1 [taca 2001-01-10]
Package URL:
Comment: Japanese Morphological Dictionary for ChaSen

	Added linuxppc_lib-2000.q4.1 [manu 2001-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: libraries to run Linux binaries on NetBSD/powerpc (includes X11)

	Added lopster- [ad 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Yet another Gtk+ Napster clone

	Added makeztxt-1.10 [rh 2001-01-21]
Package URL:
Comment: ASCII text to Palm zTXT database converter

	Added manedit-0.4e [fredb 2001-01-21]
Package URL:
Comment: UNIX Manual (man, manpage) page editor, viewer, and browser for X11

	Added namazu-2.0.5 [taca 2001-01-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Namazu is a search engine software intended for easy use

	Added ncftp3-3.0.2 [pooka 2001-01-17]
Package URL:
Comment: FTP replacement with advanced user interface

	Added netsaint-base-0.0.6 [rh 2001-01-16]
Package URL:
Comment: network monitor

	Added netsaint-plugins- [rh 2001-01-16]
Package URL:
Comment: basic monitoring plugins for netsaint

	Added netsaint-plugin-snmp- [rh 2001-01-16]
Package URL:
Comment: SNMP monitoring plug-in for netsaint

	Added ntl-5.0c [jtb 2001-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: C++ library for doing number theory

	Added p5-Jcode-0.68 [taca 2001-01-06]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for handling various Japanese charsets

	Added pakemon-0.3.1 [itojun 2001-01-09]
Package URL:
Comment: packet monster, an Open Source Intrusion Detection System

	Added pdmenu-1.2.65 [hubertf 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Simple console menu program

	Added pedisassem-0.22 [itojun 2001-01-24]
Package URL:
Comment: disassembler for Win32 code

	Added pforth-19 [jtb 2001-01-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Portable ANS-like Forth written in ANSI C

	Added pgraf-20010131 [jtb 2001-01-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Portable graphics system

	Added proj-4.4.3 [jtb 2001-01-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Cartesian cartographic projection library and programs

	Added py-Scientific-2.0.2 [jtb 2001-01-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Python modules for scientific computing

	Added qt2-examples-2.2.3 [skrll 2001-01-13]
Package URL:
Comment: QT2 Tutorial, example code and HTML documentation

	Added rlab-2.1.05 [jtb 2001-01-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Matrix oriented, interactive programming environment

	Added rpm2pkg-1.0 [tron 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Convert RPM archives to NetBSD packages

	Added rtfm-1.0 [hubertf 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: NetBSD documentation and GNU Texinfo files search mechanism

	Added scanssh-1.3a [itojun 2001-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: ssh remote version scanner

	Added scigraphica-0.6.1 [drochner 2001-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: data analysis and technical graphics

	Added squirrelmail-1.0pre3 as squirrelmail-0.9.3 [jlam 2001-01-24]
Package URL:
Comment: PHP4 webmail package

	Added tamago-4.0.6 [jun 2001-01-31]
Package URL:
Comment: CJK characters inputting system for emacs-20+leim

	Added tcpdump-3.6.1 [tron 2001-01-14]
Package URL:
Comment: network monitoring tool

	Added tcp_wrappers-7.6.1 [tron 2001-01-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Monitor and filter incoming requests for network services

	Added tds-1.3.2 [kei 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: web diary system

	Added tscp-1.71 [abs 2001-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Tom Kerrigan's Simple Chess Program

	Added vera-1.6 [hubertf 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms

	Added w32api-0.4nb2 from the PEACE repository [minoura 2001-01-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Free headers and libraries for the Win32 API

	Added wmmixer-1.0 [wiz 2001-01-08]
Package URL:
Comment: mixer designed for WindowMaker (dockapp)

	Added wmx-6.0pre6 as "wmx-current" with version 5.0.6 [jlam 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: another X11 window manager based on wm2

	Added wmx-gnome as "wmx-gnome-current" with version 5.0.6
		[jlam 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: another X11 window manager based on wm2, with GNOME compliance

	Added xalan-c-1.0 [skrll 2001-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: the Apache Project's XSLT implementation

	Added xerces-c-1.3.0 [skrll 2001-01-13]
Package URL:
Comment: The Apache Project's validating XML parser with DOM and SAX support

Updates to Packages in the Packages Collection

	Updated adzap to 20010112.  New variables in the adzap.conf file,
		users should update to the latest adzap.conf as shown
		in the install MESSAGE.  [simonb 2001-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: filter out animated ad banners from web pages

        Updated amanda packages to 2.4.2 [cjones 2001-01-16]
Package URL:
Comment: The "meta-package" for Amanda, a network backup system

	Updated amaya to 4.2.1 [drochner 2001-01-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Web Browser/Editor from the World Wide Web Consortium

	Updated analog to 4.14 [tron 2001-01-24]
Package URL:
Comment: Extremely fast program for analysing WWW logfiles

	Updated ap-php4 to [jlam 2001-01-15]
	Updated ap-php4 to [jlam 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: PHP4: Hypertext Preprocessor (Apache module)

	Updated aperture to 2.0nb1 which fixes a bug in MTRR support on AMD
		K6 processors. [jlam 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: XFree86 Framebuffer "aperture" driver for NetBSD/i386

	Updated aribas to 1.20 [jtb 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Multi-precision floating point and big integer arithmetic calculator

	Updated bind4 to 4.9.8  [itojun 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: The BIND name server, version 4, as an alternative to BIND 8

	Updated bind8 to 8.2.3.  includes very important security fixes.
		[itojun 2001-01-27]
Package URL:
Comment: The Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, an implementation of DNS

	Updated bind9 to 9.1.0 [itojun 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Version 9 of the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, implementation of DNS

	Updated bind9-current to 9.1.0b2 [itojun 2001-01-03]
Package URL:
Comment: Version 9 of the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, implementation of DNS

	Updated bladeenc to 0.92.7 [wiz 2001-01-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Free MPEG Audio Layer 3 encoder (not decoder)

	Updated cdd to 1.0nb3 [simonb 2001-01-06]
Package URL:
Comment: Another program for reading CD digital audio from SCSI or ATAPI CD-ROM drives

	Updated chasen to sys2.02-ipadic2.1 [taca 2001-01-07]
	Updated chasen-2.2.1 [taca 2001-01-10]
Package URL:
Comment: ChaSen, Japanese Morphological Analysis System

	Updated crafty to 18.1 [jlam 2001-01-14]
Package URL:
Comment: chess engine

	Updated crafty-doc to 18.0 [jlam 2001-01-14]
Package URL:
Comment: documentation for Crafty chess engine

	Updated cross-i386-netbsdpe to 1.1.2 [minoura 2001-01-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Cross-compile environment for PEACE/i386

	Updated cups to [jlam 2001-01-11]
	Updated cups to [jlam 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Common UNIX Printing System

	Updated cupsomatic-ppds to 20010128 [jlam 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: free software printer drivers for use with CUPS

	Updated cweb to 3.63 [jtb 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: The CWEB System of Structured Documentation

	Updated cyrus-sasl to 1.5.24nb3.  This version fixes blocking
		indefinitely due to insufficient entropy for /dev/random by
		using /dev/urandom instead. [jlam 2001-01-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Simple Authentication and Security Layer

	Updated ddclient to 2.3.2 [wiz 2001-01-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Client to update dynamic DNS entries for accounts on

	Updated delegate to 6.1.22 [rh 2001-01-02]
Package URL:
Comment: General purpose TCP/IP proxy system

	Updated djbdns to 1.03 [hubertf 2001-01-10]
	Updated djbdns to 1.04 [hubertf 2001-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Collection of secure and reliable DNS tools by Dan Bernstein

	Updated dopewars to 1.4.8 [wiz 2001-01-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Make a fortune dealing drugs on the streets of New York

	Updated ethereal to 0.8.15 [itojun 2001-01-12]
Package URL:
Comment: Network protocol analyzer

	Updated fltk to 1.0.10 [jlam 2001-01-02]
Package URL:
Comment: The Fast Light Tool Kit

	Updated gcombust to 0.1.39 [rh 2001-01-05]
Package URL:
Comment: Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkhybrid, cdrecord, ...)

	Updated gensolpkg to 1.9 [veego 2001-01-21]
Package URL:
Comment: Utility to generate a Solaris package

	Updated gif2png to 2.4.0 [rh 2001-01-20]
Package URL:
Comment: convert GIF files to PNG

	Updated gnapster to 1.4.2 [tron 2001-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: simple client for the online mp3 community

	Updated gnucash to 1.4.9 [wiz 2001-01-09]
	Updated gnucash to 1.4.10 [wiz 2001-01-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Personal double-entry accounting program

	Updated gnupg to 1.0.4nb2 [wiz 2001-01-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Privacy Guard, a public-Key encryption and digital signature utility

	Updated gqmpeg to 0.8.2 [hubertf 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: GTK+ front end to mpg123

	Updated grace to 5.1.2 [drochner 2001-01-16]
Package URL:
Comment: GRaphing, Advanced Computation and Exploration of data

	Updated gtk+extra to 0.99.12 [drochner 2001-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: useful set of GTK+ widgets for creating GUIs

	Updated ImageMagick to 5.2.8 [tron 2001-01-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Package for display and interactive manipulation of images

	Updated jisx0208fonts to 20010112 [itojun 2001-01-12]
Package URL:
Comment: X11 fonts for JIS X0208 standard

	Updated kakasi to 2.3.3 [taca 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: Kanji-Kana Simple Inverter, language filter for Japanese

	Updated lftp to 2.3.7 [rh 2001-01-20]
Package URL:
Comment: powerful command line ftp client

	Updated libctl to 1.3 [jtb 2001-01-20]
Package URL:
Comment: Guile-based flexible control file library for scientific simulations

	Updated libnasl to 1.0.7 [frueauf 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Nessus Attack Scripting Language library

	Updated libpcap to 0.6.1 [tron 2001-01-14]
Package URL:
Comment: System-independent interface for user-level packet capture

	Updated links to 0.95 [wiz 2001-01-06]
Package URL:
Comment: Lynx-like text WWW browser

	Updated lyx to 1.1.6 [drochner 2001-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Graphical frontend for LaTeX (nearly WYSIWYG)

	Updated mhonarc to 2.4.7 [jwise 2001-01-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Mailbox to HTML converter, suitable for list archives

	Updated micq to [tron 2001-01-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Text-based ICQ implementation

	Updated mozilla to 0.7 [taya 2001-01-16]
Package URL:
Comment: The open-source version of the Netscape browser

	Updated namazu-, changing pkgsrc category
		[taca 2001-01-27]
Package URL:
Comment: Namazu is a search engine software intended for easy use

	Updated nawk to 20001115 [jdolecek 2001-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: Brian Kernighan's pattern-directed scanning and processing language

	Updated nessus to 1.0.7 [frueauf 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: The Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated nessus-core to 1.0.7 [frueauf 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Core module of the Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated nessus-libraries to 1.0.7 [frueauf 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Libs required by the Nessus Network security scanner

	Updated nessus-plugins to 1.0.7 [frueauf 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Plugins for the Nessus Network Security Scanner

	Updated opera to 4.0 beta 5 [jdolecek 2001-01-06]
Package URL:
Comment: Small, fast and customizable WWW client

	Updated p5-Devel-SmallProf to 0.9 [abs 2001-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for line-by-line profiling perl programs

	Updated p5-HTML-Template to 2.2 [abs 2001-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to create HTML templates by extending HTML with simple tags

	Updated p5-Socket6 to 0.08 [jlam 2001-01-31]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to support getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo()

	Updated p5-SNMP to 3.1.0 [wrstuden 2001-01-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Perl5 module for interfacing to the UCD SNMP library

	Updated p5-Text-ChaSen to 1.03nb1 [taca 2001-01-07]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module to use ChaSen

	Updated p5-Time-HiRes to 01.20 [abs 2001-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: perl5 module for high resolution time, sleep, and alarm

	Updated pchar to 1.3 [soren 2001-01-26]
Package URL:
Comment: Tool for measuring Internet path characteristics

	Updated pdflib to 3.03 [drochner 2001-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: C library to produce PDF files

	Updated php4 to [jlam 2001-01-15]
	Updated php4 to [jlam 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: PHP4: Hypertext Preprocessor

	Updated php4-gd to [jlam 2001-01-15]
	Updated php4-gd to [jlam 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: PHP4 extension for GD graphics library

	Updated php4-imap to [jlam 2001-01-15]
	Updated php4-imap to [jlam 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: PHP4 extension for IMAP (Internet Mailbox Access Protocol)

	Updated php4-mysql to [jlam 2001-01-15]
	Updated php4-mysql to [jlam 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: PHP4 extension for MySQL databases

	Updated php4-pgsql to [jlam 2001-01-15]
	Updated php4-pgsql to [jlam 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: PHP4 extension for PostgreSQL databases

	Updated pkgdiff to 0.96 [hubertf 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Tools to ease creating and maintaining patches for pkgsrc

	Updated pkglint to 2.34 [abs 2001-01-18]
	Updated pkglint to 2.35 [wiz 2001-01-26]
	Updated pkglint to 2.36 [abs 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Verifier for NetBSD packages and complete pkgsrc tree

	Updated plex86-0.20010106 [tron 2001-01-07]
Package URL:
Comment: Extensible open source PC virtualization software (free VMware)

	Updated plplot to 5.0.1 [jtb 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Scientific plotting package

	Updated postfix-current to 20001217 [itojun 2001-01-13]
Package URL:
Comment: postfix smtp server and tools

	Updated py-Numeric to 17.2.0 [drochner 2001-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Adds multidemensional numeric arrays to Python

	Updated qt2 to 2.2.3 [skrll 2001-01-13]
Package URL:
Comment: "meta-package" for the QT GUI C++ toolkit

	Updated qt2-docs to 2.2.3 [skrll 2001-01-13]
Package URL:
Comment: Documentation for the QT C++ X GUI toolkit

	Updated qt2-designer to 2.2.3 [skrll 2001-01-13]
Package URL:
Comment: Visual (WYSIWYG) QT GUI builder

	Updated qt2-libs to 2.2.3 [skrll 2001-01-13]
Package URL:
Comment: C++ X GUI toolkit

	Updated rp-pppoe to 2.6 [tron 2001-01-30]
Package URL:
Comment: BSD port of Roaring Penguin's PPPoE client

	Updated rpm2pkg to 1.1 [manu 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Convert RPM archives to NetBSD packages

	Updated sendmail to 8.11.2 [itojun 2001-01-04]
Package URL:
Comment: The well known Mail Transport Agent

	Updated setiathome to 3.03 [abs 2001-01-04]
Package URL:
Comment: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - at home

	Updated skill to 4.0 [abs 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: Signal processes given user names, ttys, commands, or pids

	Updated smalltalk to 1.8.5 [jtb 2001-01-23]
Package URL:
Comment: the GNU implementation of the Smalltalk-80 language

	Updated smtpfeed to 1.08 [itojun 2001-01-21]
	Updated smtpfeed to 1.10 [itojun 2001-01-31]
Package URL:
Comment: SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliverer for Sendmail

	Updated stunnel to 3.11 [martin 2001-01-22]
	Updated stunnel to 3.13 [martin 2001-01-29]
Package URL:
Comment: Universal SSL tunnel

	Updated suse_base to 6.4nb1 [tron 2001-01-25]
	Updated suse_base to 6.4nb2 [tron 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Linux compatibility package

	Updated tnef to 0.16 [rh 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: decode MS-TNEF MIME attachments

	Updated tscp to 1.71nb1 [abs 2001-01-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Tom Kerrigan's Simple Chess Program

	Updated unrar to 2.71 [wiz 2001-01-31]
Package URL:
Comment: Extract, view & test RAR archives

	Updated url2pkg to 1.14 [hubertf 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: Shellscript to help with the first steps to build a package

	Updated uvscan-dat to 4114 [wiz 2001-01-07]
Package URL:
Comment: AntiVirus DAT file for uvscan

	Updated verilog-current to 20010113 [dmcmahill 2001-01-14]
Package URL:
Comment: Verilog simulation and synthesis tool (development snapshot version)

	Updated vm to 6.90 [jtb 2001-01-28]
Package URL:
Comment: VM (View Mail) is an advanced mail user agent for Emacs

	Updated vtun to 2.4 [kleink 2001-01-30]
Package URL:
Comment: Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping, etc.

	Updated wget to 1.6 [itojun 2001-01-11]
Package URL:
Comment: Retrieve files from the 'net via HTTP and FTP

	Updated Xbae to 4.8.4 [drochner 2001-01-15]
Package URL:
Comment: Three Motif compatible widgets: XbaeMatrix, XbaeCaption, XbaeInput

	Updated xbattbar to 1.4.1 [jlam 2001-01-25]
Package URL:
Comment: X11 battery graph for laptops

	Updated xcircuit to 2.2.0 [jtb 2001-01-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Drawing program for X11 (especially for circuits)

	Updated xconq to 7.4.1 [kleink 2001-01-02]
Package URL:
Comment: Xconq is a general strategy game system

	Updated xfce to 3.6.3 [jwise 2001-01-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Lightweight desktop environment with a look and feel similar to CDE

	Updated xpkgwedge to 1.1 [jlam 2001-01-18]
Package URL:
Comment: allows X11 pkgs to be built and used outside of /usr/X11R6

	Updated xpp to 1.0 [jlam 2001-01-30]
Package URL:
Comment: X Printing Panel

	Updated zebra to 0.90.  users must upgrade the whole zebra daemon
		suite.  partial upgrade can cause serious issue due to the
		daemon-to-daemon protocol change.  [itojun 2001-01-11]
	Updated zebra to 0.90a [itojun 2001-01-19]
Package URL:
Comment: Free multithreaded routing daemon software

Packages Removed form the Packages Collection
	Deleted FrameMaker package as the evaluation licenses expired, and
		there won't be any new licenses. [hubertf 2001-01-06]