Subject: Re: ucd-snmp: doesn't bind to port 161
To: NetBSD Packages Technical Discussion List <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/09/2001 01:38:35
Greg A. Woods wrote
> Hmm.... that's kinda weird.
> I had similar "errors" though none were ever severe enough to prevent
> snmpd or snmptrapd from starting -- they just spewed on the console and
> in syslog files.
> I seem to remember tweaking one or two tiny things at one point to get
> rid of the warning messages, but I can't find any file in
> .../tnm2.1.10/mibs that has been modified any time recently (certainly
> not within 6 months!).
> What's odd here is that in the past the tnm (scotty) MIB parser was far
> more strict than the one in UCD-SNMP!  ;-)
> Are you sure you have a fresh install of scotty?

hotdog# pkg_info tcl-scotty
Information for tcl-scotty-2.1.10:

As fresh as they come from the press... ;-)

> > My question, why does ucd-snmpd need the mibs that come with scotty?
> It doesn't need them, but it certainly benefits greatly from them!

Never missed them... I run snmpd on my servers for a particular
purpose and never needed anything else that wasn't there already.
However, this shouldn't mean that there wasn't a place for

> Neither has anywhere near a "complete" and usefull set for anything more
> than the basics, and snmpget et al still make it incredibly hard to add
> new search directories after compile time.  The more MIBS the better!
> (unless you have version skew due to stupid vendor changes between revs)

Well, only if you really need to use them... 

> The errors are pretty easy to fix too, at least for anyone with half an
> idea of how MIBS are structured, and if you're going to use SNMP stuff
> for anything real then you're going to want to have the MIBS and fix the
> stupid errors anyway.

Ok, fixing this involves more time than I can spare at the moment.
I've got to finish another big assignment and to prepare myself for
the exams in two weeks time... perhaps someone else wants to look at
this... I have no idea about writing/correcting MIB files...

I will file a PR and attend to it if it is still there after my exams...

Personally I feel that it is wrong to impose a hard coded path to all
MIB's that may be installed on a system, especially knowing that snmpd
and scotty usually are not installed on the same system anyhow... agreed?
I run snmpd on the servers and scotty on the workstation....

cheerio Berndt
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