Subject: Re: ucd-snmp: doesn't bind to port 161
To: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/08/2001 02:24:42
[ On Thursday, February 8, 2001 at 01:29:40 (+1030), Berndt Josef Wulf wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: ucd-snmp: doesn't bind to port 161
> Hmm, I believe to have the problem... ucd-snmpd is configure to look
> for mibs in
> /usr/pkg/share/snmp/mibs:/usr/pkg/lib/tcl/tnm2.1.10/mibs:/usr/local/share/snmp/mibs
> There appear to be some bugs in the mibs supplied with the scotty
> package which compromised the operation of the snmpd daemon.
> 	e.g. inconsisting naming convention when refering to
> 	rfc1213.mib, undefined reference to ObjectSyntax
> 	etc. e.g.
> ucd-snmp appears to work fine after temporarily renaming the
> tnm-2.1.10/mibs directory.

Hmm.... that's kinda weird.

I had similar "errors" though none were ever severe enough to prevent
snmpd or snmptrapd from starting -- they just spewed on the console and
in syslog files.

I seem to remember tweaking one or two tiny things at one point to get
rid of the warning messages, but I can't find any file in
.../tnm2.1.10/mibs that has been modified any time recently (certainly
not within 6 months!).

What's odd here is that in the past the tnm (scotty) MIB parser was far
more strict than the one in UCD-SNMP!  ;-)

Are you sure you have a fresh install of scotty?

> My question, why does ucd-snmpd need the mibs that come with scotty?

It doesn't need them, but it certainly benefits greatly from them!

Neither has anywhere near a "complete" and usefull set for anything more
than the basics, and snmpget et al still make it incredibly hard to add
new search directories after compile time.  The more MIBS the better!
(unless you have version skew due to stupid vendor changes between revs)

The errors are pretty easy to fix too, at least for anyone with half an
idea of how MIBS are structured, and if you're going to use SNMP stuff
for anything real then you're going to want to have the MIBS and fix the
stupid errors anyway.

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