Subject: Re: pkg/12140: cross/mipseb-netbsd does not work (for kernels, at least)
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/07/2001 09:14:46
>>Is there some reason why all the possible targets supported bin binutils
>>aren't simply enabled here?   It isn't going to cost a huge amount (or
>>not over what the targets that are supported already cost).
>	there seem to be limitation in # of platforms we can put in
>	pkgsrc/cross/binutils/Makefile.  in fact, i went into some
>	trouble with it, and added the following comment.
>	the limitation is in /bin/sh, used by configure script in binutils.
># due to /bin/sh restriction, we can accomodate no more archs

that sounds like something that should be fixed.  what's the failure
mode when you add more archs?

>	also, it looks that there's some problem in binutils if we enable
>	32bit and 64bit sparc at the same time:
>># this breaks the `sparc-solaris2' target (which adds sparc_elf32
>># which we use for the `sparc-netbsdelf' target
>>#ENABLE_TARGETS+=       sparc64-elf
>	if someone could do something about these, it would be very nice...

mixing similar 32 and 64 bit targets also seems like something that
should be "allowed".  hmm...

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