Subject: Re: New KDE2 pkgs - sound library problem?
To: Mark White <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/05/2001 22:49:58
Mark White wrote:
> Nick Hudson writes:
> > Mark White wrote:
> > > I "make update"d various pkgsrc sound libraries, but to no
> > > avail.  Anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?  I'm on a
> > > K6-2/550 with 128Mb running 1.5 release.
> >
> > When you say current which ones are you talking about?
> I downloaded the KDE pkgsrc files at the weekend; the
> tarball was kde2-20010115.tar.gz.  I built the listed
> `required' packages (including the various qt2 packages)
> from the current pkgsrc.tgz.

Well for some reason kdemultimedia is finding something on your system that's
not on mine. Look for "checking if kmid" in the configuration output and it
should say yes...