Subject: CONFIGURE_ENV for F77 and FFLAGS
To: None <>
From: Jason Beegan <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/01/2001 16:36:49
I believe F77 and FFLAGS should be set in the environment of configure,
so I just want to apply the patch below. Any objections?

According to the Autoconf manual:

 - Macro: AC_PROG_F77
     Determine a Fortran 77 compiler to use.  If `F77' is not already
     set in the environment, check for `g77', `f77' and `f2c', in that
     order.  Set the output variable `F77' to the name of the compiler

     If using `g77' (the GNU Fortran 77 compiler), then `AC_PROG_F77'
     will set the shell variable `G77' to `yes', and empty otherwise.
     If the output variable `FFLAGS' was not already set in the
     environment, then set it to `-g -02' for `g77' (or `-O2' where
     `g77' does not accept `-g').  Otherwise, set `FFLAGS' to `-g' for
     all other Fortran 77 compilers.

*** 184,189 ****
--- 184,191 ----
  FC=             ${PKG_FC}
  F77=            ${PKG_FC}
+ CONFIGURE_ENV+=	F77="${F77}"
  MAKE_ENV+=	F77="${F77}"
  MAKE_ENV+=	FC="${FC}"