Subject: Re: mozilla-0.6, not launch.
To: Shigeki Uno <>
From: Richard Rauch <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/13/2001 05:25:19
PREF_Cleanup() seems to be a message to indicate that Mozilla is exiting.

Here's a run on my system:


$ mozilla &
[1] 1216
$ Setting content window
*** Pulling out the charset
Loading page specified via openDialog
in SetSecurityButton
Document loaded successfully

[1]    Done                   mozilla


I don't think that you need to set any .Xdefaults.

In my case, I'd run previous versions of Mozilla, and initially had a
~/.mozilla/ directory.  After it started to get a little flakey (it
stopped remembering web-pages that I'd been to; I couldn't see anyway to
reenable it), I deleted my ~/.mozilla/ directory/.

The next time I started Mozilla, I was greeted with a little ``creating a
user profile'' process.  Among other things, it imported the preferences
from an existing ~/.netscape/ directory.  An unlikely (but possible) thing
to try is to delete the ~/.mozilla/ directory that it created, and import
a ~/.netscape/ (if you haven't run Netscape on that account).

Other concerns: Mozilla uses a LOT of memory.  (I think it runs up to just
over 50MB on my system (i386).  At least, that's what top shows.)  Also,
if it gets to PREF_Cleanup(), it's probably exiting.  But if you don't see
that message, it may just be taking its time to start up.  (It takes a
little while to bring up a window...)

I'm borthered that it seems to repeat itself.  (``ProfileManager :
CreatenewProfile [...] ProfileManager : CreateNewProfile [...]'')  Was
that message (and the others about prfiles) actually printed twice from a
single run of Mozilla?

  "I probably don't know what I'm talking about."