Subject: Re: Prebuilt binaries with /usr/local?
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/04/2001 23:14:03
>> I understand that all the prebuilt binaries use /usr/pkg for history 
>> sake. However, it is clear that /usr/local is probably more desired 
>> by many people in practice. Would the package gods consider having 
>> *two* trees at 
>><release>/<arch>/? Add in a 
>> layer of "usrpkg" and "usrlocal", with the current directories 
>> symlinked to "usrpkg".

>I personally think that it's beyond the pkgsrc system's task to treat
>>=2 LOCALBASEs at the same time. It's simply not flexible but
>confusing that /usr/pkg and /usr/local coexist. /usr/local shouldn't
>be default LOCALBASE of pkgsrc just because it has not been so for a
>log time.

I agree.  If we were to go that route, how many trees might we need?
(usr_pkg, usr_pkg_with_xpkgwedge, usr_local, usr_local_with_xpkgwedge,
usr_pkg_with_usr_X11 (X11BASE set to /usr/X11 instead of /usr/X11R6),
usr_pkg_with_xpkgwedge_and_usr_X11, and so on...)

[Personally, I wish that xpkgwedge were the default, but that's because
I like to know that if something in X11R6 gets corrupted or simply needs
upgrading, I can simply 'rm -rf /usr/X11R6; cd /var/xsrc; make build'
without having to worry about deinstalling and reinstalling some number
of packages... it's a better separation...]


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