Subject: How to force dependency check not happening???
To: None <>
From: John Refling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/03/2001 19:11:17
Here's the situation.... When I'm porting a new package, I eventaully
do a 'make', and then a 'mv /usr/pkg /usr/pkg.back', then a 'make install'.
I do this to get an accurate list of the files the package installed in
/usr/pkg, then 'rm -r /usr/pkg; mv /usr/pkg.back /usr/pkg'.

I also move the original pkg database files out of the way, of course.

The thing is, if there is any DEPENDS in the package, the 'make install'
will fail (or try to rebuild the dependencies, and then install them
which will fill my empty /usr/pkg directory with stuff other than the
package I'm trying to install, negating the end result of obtaining a
list of ONLY the package's files.

Since I just did the 'make' prior to the 'make install' all dependencies
should be taken care of, and installed in /usr/pkg.back.  I wouldn't
think that any executable there would be necessary to do the 'make

So, can one do a 'make install' and force the dependency checks to not

Or, is there and entirely different way of constructing PLISTS that I'm
missing?  (I'm doing packages that install 1000's of files --- can't do
it by hand.)