Subject: pkgsrc reorg proposal II
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/03/2001 05:25:34
0. Initial proposal:

1. Refined proposal:

   old filename		   new filename		variable

   patches/patch-*         -> patch-*		PATCHDIR
   files/md5               -> dist-sum		MD5_FILE
   files/patch-sum         -> patch-sum		PATCH_SUM_FILE
   pkg/PLIST*              -> plist*		PLIST_SRC
   pkg/COMMENT             -> comment		COMMENT
   pkg/DESCR               -> descr		DESCR_SRC
   pkg/INSTALL             -> install		INSTALL_FILE
   pkg/DEINSTALL           -> deinstall		DEINSTALL_FILE
   pkg/MESSAGE             -> message		MESSAGE_FILE
   scripts/*		   -> *			SCRIPTDIR
   files/* 		   -> * [1]		-

   [1] Where possible - there are a number of pkgs that have a files/Makefile
       or similar. Must be renamed to prevent clash.

2. Procedure:

   The idea is to drop what's not needed of the current repository, and
   start a new one. We have two ways here:

   a) Checkout, reorg, import our ~1800 pkgs.
      This approach will also drop all revision history.

   b) Copy over all the ,v files (that are not in Attic) into a new
      repository, then reorg there. This approach will keep revision
      history of the files that are not deleted, but still speed up
      "cvs update" later as there are no Attic directories that are
      first created and then removed again immediately.

   My preference here is b).


 - Hubert

Hubert Feyrer <>