Subject: Re: What about startup scripts??
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: Dominik Rothert <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/30/2000 16:07:03
Frederick Bruckman <> wrote:

> > Of course... so what IS the correct solution for packages that need to be
> > started before some things in /etc/rc.d such as my xfstt?
> I'd prefer to put an rc.d-style script in ${PREFIX}/etc/rc.d, and in
> the ${MESSAGE}, suggest to the user to copy that script to /etc/rc.d
> and activate it by setting the appropriate variable in /etc/rc.conf.

Hm, I don't think that is a good idea. We should distinguish between
packages and system. If we start to mess up /etc with files based on
packages... No, sorry.


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