Subject: Volunteers wanted for NetBSD-FreshPorts interface
To: None <>
From: Dan Langille <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/28/2000 11:55:50
At BSDCon 2000, I had a chance to speak with people at the NetBSD 
booth.  We chatted briefly about including the NetBSD packages tree 
within FreshPorts <>.  For those unfamiliar, 
FreshPorts tracks the FreeBSD ports tree but has been designed with 
any packages/ports tree in mind.  All that is needed is the feed from 
that tree.  Registered users are periodically notified of any changes to 
ports they wish to watch. 

Work on the next version of FreshPorts has begun.  The goal is to 
include all of the source tree, not just packages/ports.  Part of this work 
includes the creation an XML template (DTD).  XML will be the new 
method for getting data into FreshPorts and will present a consistent 
interface for all systems.  I suspect the content of the source-changes 
mailing list will be sufficient for this purpose.  Any tree wishing to be 
part of FreshPorts merely needs to complete an XML document for each 
change to the tree and submit it to the system. 

If anyone wishes to take up the torch and make it possible for NetBSD 
to be included within FreshPorts, their first port of call should be to join 
the mailing list by sending a message to with "subscribe develop" in the body of the 

But I'm quite happy to answer any questions, either posted to tech-pkg 
or directly to me, if people wish to ask. 


Dan Langille
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