Subject: None
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/25/2000 00:19:14

ok, I've tested Nick's package source for KDE2 and here just a couple
of notes and some feedback:

	1.) kdebase requires the "uic" binary that is part of the
	    qt2 package. Since it isn't included, configuration of
	    kdebase fails at this point. I've added qt2 manually and
	    the build continued without a hitch.

	2.) KDE2 needs a later version of libtool that understands the
	    -ctags options. The version supplied with the kde2 pkgsrc
	    does the job, however it breaks other packages such
	    as tiff to name just one. I had to swap forward and backwards
	    between two version of libtool a few times in order to built
	    kde2. It should be noted that I've rebuilt my workstation
	    from scratch after upgrading to NetBSD-1.5 and with this
	    had to rebuilt all dependencies required for kde2.

	3.) KDE2 looks awesome and the stuff that works is really nice
	    however I don't believe that it is ready for production. There
	    are many occasions when connection to the
	    intercommunications server are lost or programs just

	4.) KOffice is definitely still in early stages... very
	    promising but not very useful at the moment... 

	5.) The configuration scripts for kde2 applications has
	    changed sometimes after the release of kdevelop-1.2. Until
	    then, the configuration script queried the kde library to
	    extract the information about the installation paths such
	    as kde_htmldir etc. pp. This was very convinient and
	    portable across all platforms. Don't know why this was
	    changed... KDE1 applications still use the old system...
	    perhaps someone with good connections to the KDE project
	    can find out more about it, or better try to get this
	    re-implemented. Its a real pain in the neck to manually
	    configure about a dozent paths for every and each kde2

With the exception of the "uic" and libtool version problems all built
fine... a job well done Nick...

I will keep kde2 installed here, but I don't think it is ready for
public consumption... 

Merry Christmas

cheerio Berndt
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