Subject: coldfusion (undefined symbol)
To: None <>
From: User Noud <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/14/2000 22:01:14
now i have a bigger LD_LIBRARY_PATH, i get:

new# ./start
/emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/bin/cfexec: error in loading shared libraries:
/emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/bin/cfexec: undefined symbol: Mid__C7CStringii

anyone know's if it's the not
being recent anough? how can i find what lib's out-a sync so to say?

new# ldd cfserver
cfserver: => /emul/linux/lib/
         -lc.6 => /emul/linux/lib/
         -lpthread.0 => /emul/linux/lib/
         -lm.6 => /emul/linux/lib/
         -lstdc++-libc6.1-1.2 => /emul/linux/usr/lib/
         -lxerces-c1_2 => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/
         -ldl.2 => /emul/linux/lib/
         -lporting => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/
         -lcfdataaccess => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/
         -lvdk200 => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/
         -lcfindex => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/
         -llang_cfml => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/
         -ltls4d => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/
         -lldap => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/
         -llber => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/
         -lcfx_j => /emul/linux/opt/coldfusion/lib/

thanx again,