Subject: how to build exec. with pkgsrc ?
To: None <>
From: Pierre Bourgin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/01/2000 14:14:40

In order to test the samba-tng application,I try to produce a package using
the pkgsrc environment : the build seems to be ok, but in fact it produces
strange binaries.

For example, the 'samedit' executable is linked against samba-tng libs, but
refers these samba-tng libs WITH their relative path of build, like this :

$ strings /usr/pkg/bin/samedit

( is a part of the samba-tng package, and it build in
pkgsrc/net/tng/work/tng/source/bin/.libs, with a script in

This project uses the traditionnal GNU tools (configure, libtool, make 
install), and the source code is derivated from the samba one (with the use
of libraries everywhere).

My plateforms are NetBSD-1.5alpha2, i386 and sparc (no linux available).

I tried to use different combinations of 'USE_GMAKE=yes', 
'USE_LIBTOOL=yes' and 'GNU_CONFIGURE=yes' in my pkgsrc/net/tng/Makefile,
but it does not produces anything good.

So it someone could give me some tips to solve this stupid problem, It 
would be really great !


Pierre Bourgin