Subject: Nethack - x11tiles
To: NetBSD tech-pkg mailing list <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/25/2000 18:39:50
Rediscovered nethack (after playing the Atari version in the dim and distant
past).  Installed the X11 version.  No pretty graphics ;-(

So, nethack-lib is built without xpm and builds and installs x11tiles in
'nethack' format.  Then, nethack-x11 is built with xpm and can't parse the
tiles file.

I thought about moving the x11tiles file out of nethack-lib and into
nethack-x11.  But then what about the qt (and gnome) frontends?  The other
alternative was to make nethack-lib depend on xpm, which I didn't think was
very good for nethack-tty.



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