Subject: Re: KDE2 snapshot
To: None <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/23/2000 09:43:43 wrote:
> Hi Nick,
> sorry for taking a bit, my changes to your KDE pkgs are now up at

I've nearly completed the merge and I'll put up the new tarball later

> It includes a libtool-ml-20001116 package...

I was interested to see that things like libkcm_energy got built... Do
you have a build log for this I could have a look at?

> ..., and some fixed PLIST files,
> mostly. I hope I didn't forget any patches - the most important one is the
> mkdir one which I already sent you.

Some of the PLIST stuff I think is wrong. For example

@dirrm share/kde/icons/hicolor 

and the like should only appear in kdelibs

> I'll nuke all the pkgs again and do a clean build now, then see if I got
> the same desktop again. One thing that still needs to be done is make sure
> that qt2-libs(?) gets compiled with GIF support, else the Konqueror web
> browser isn't worth much.

Yeah I did this - why is it controlled by the USE_GIF variable? Can't
libungif be used without license problems? I'll have a look around to
see if I can work this out, but if anyones knows...