Subject: Re: xxgdb "Killed" under 1.5 BETA2
To: John Maier <>
From: Dr. Rene Hexel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/21/2000 08:39:36
John Maier wrote:

> As many know, xxgdb did not work under NETBSD 1.4.x
> So I thought I would give 1.5 a try.
> I compiled but executing it just results in "Killed" message and nothing
> more.
> Anyone know about this?

  I must admit, I haven't tried it in a very long time.  The last time I
used it, was shortly after the release of NetBSD-1.3.  I will take a
look at this and see what I can find (but this will probably take a bit
of time, because I'm a bit short on cycles right now).  In the meantime,
you might want to try 'ddd' instead ...