Subject: Checking for packages not listed in category SUBDIRs
To: Reed Shadgett , <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/15/2000 21:57:43
	I've just added an option to lintpkgsrc to check for package
	directories not listed in the appropriate category SUBDIR list.

	Current offenders are:

	    misc/freewnn-common: Not in SUBDIR
	    emulators/compat11: Not in SUBDIR
	    sysutils/mkisofs: Not in SUBDIR
	    mail/mutt-current: Not in SUBDIR
	    pkgtools/pax: Not in SUBDIR
	    pkgtools/pkg_install: Not in SUBDIR
	    pkgtools/xpkgwedge: Not in SUBDIR

	I can understand some of these should be be built in the 'bulk case',
	but this means they currently lack README.html files and entries
	in category README.html files.

	What I'd like to do is add one of (better names appreciated)
	     a) 'README_SUBDIR' in category Makefile which is appended to
		SUBDIR on 'make readme' and similar.
	     b) 'NO_BULK_BUILD' to package Makefile.

	What do people think?

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