Subject: KDE2 packages
To: None <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/15/2000 18:30:23
So I've not had much time to look at KDE2 packages recently. I've made
available what I've got so far at

They're not pretty and they won't even work as they are... Below is my
list of issues to resolve.

The packages won't work on anything other than 1.5_BETA or -current ELF
platforms as libtool isn't set up properly. I think I updated the
devel/libtool package to work for a.out, but I've lost track.

Please feel free to help :-)


General Problems
- C++ exceptions in shared libraries
  * Current hack is to build libgcc_pic.a and get libtool to add it in.
- mkdir(2) trailing '/'
- need to update libtool to 1.4a

KDE problems
- kcontrol/info/*netbsd* need patching to make work and not just compile
- LIBS="-Wl,-export-dynamic" in all packages that produce dlopen'ed
- kdm problems, i.e cannot login
- kppp is installed setuid unecessarily
- kdenetwork needs changes to inetd.conf
- kdegraphics should DEPEND on ghostscript
- kconsole: chownpty fails needs investigating
- /usr/X11R6/share/kde/sound/KDE_Startup.wav: permission denied
- libkcm_energy and libkcm_screensaver: no shared library as no shared
  version of libXdpms
- add postfix and toor users to list to remove from kdm screen
- kdeadmin: shadow passwords - shadow.h

- split qt2-uic from qt2-designer
- QDIR::mkdir change to remove trailing '/''