Subject: Re: Problem with misc/dialog
To: Ruibiao Qiu <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/10/2000 16:44:10

Mutt made me believe that Ruibiao Qiu wrote:
> I am on 1.5_ALPHA2/i386.  USE_CURSES is not my concern.  All the
> errors I had is because HAVE_TRUE_NCURSES is not defined in the
> source files even though I specified it in the Makefile under
> misc/dialog (See error messages below).  Maybe your system has
> different n/curse settings. I got ncurses-5.1 installed.

I've now tried it on a 1.5 system with ncurses-5.1 installed, and I
get no compilation error.

Could you please try and update your misc/dialog directory?
e.g. patches/patch-aa should be at least:
myprompt> ident patches/patch-aa
     $NetBSD: patch-aa,v 1.7 2000/10/31 16:26:34 jlam Exp $

If you look at patch-ac, it adds a HAVE_TRUE_NCURSES check to
dialog.h; patch-aa also adds some HAVE_TRUE_NCURSES stuff to Makefile.

Oh, and try updating pkgsrc/mk, too.

Did you modify any of the files in misc/dialog?


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