Subject: OS Patches category? was: Random PID's
To: None <>
From: David Maxwell <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/09/2000 15:47:23
If you haven't followed the Random PID's thread in current-users...

OpenBSD has a Random PID feature - which is meant to make it more difficult to
race /tmp/x$$ filenames and the like. 

I tend to dislike the thought of this going in the main tree, because it's
not a significant additional protection - and could lead someone to believe that
they don't have to fix /tmp bugs... when that's not true.

In that thread, I said that if we put the patch in pkgsrc, with some discussion
excerpts from certain experts' opinions,

(From the current-users thread)
> Then someone can
> a) Have the feature
> b) Know why it's not in the base system
> c) Understand why it was done that way.

Is anyone against doing this?

I think such patches should have a category of their own - even though they
may be for different types of things, such as 'security' in this case -
they are all NetBSD patches.

Some possibilities...
pkgsrc/ospatches pkgsrc/netbsd pkgsrc/osoptions pkgsrc/patches 

I like the last one, so far.

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