Subject: Sub package proposal
To: None <>
From: TAKEMURA Shin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/29/2000 19:24:24

I've wrote new pkg_* commands for my proposal.
Of course, I'd considered some comments in this ML. Thank
you for your informative comments. But I've omitted subpackage 
dependency issue...

I've changed from my proposal in these poins:
  - pkg_add command line usage
	pkg_add foo-1.0.tgz +man -> pkg_add -s man foo-1.0.tgz
  - enhance @if directive
	you can use !, &&, || and () at condition expression.
  - subpackage names
	core ext dev sample man doc
	-> core runtime ext dev example man doc
	runtime subpackage should contain shared objects.

Please try:

	source code tarball
	binary executive(./usr/sbin/pkg_*)
	diffs against current cvs
foo.tgz, bar.tgz
	very simple packages for testing
	They have two subpackages, core and man.
	The foo depends on bar.

	pkg_add -v foo.tgz
	-> all files will be installed

	export PKG_DEFAULT_SUBPKGS='core'
	pkg_add -v -s man foo.tgz
	-> foo-core, foo-man and bar-core will be installed

	export PKG_DEFAULT_SUBPKGS='core man'
	pkg_add -v -s -man foo.tgz
	-> foo-core, bar-core and bar-man will be installed